Friday, June 26, 2015

CNN BREAKING REPORT 6/26/2015: "Supreme Court rules in favor of same-sex marriage nationwide"

Carlos McKnight of Washington waves a flag in support of same-sex marriage outside the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday, June 26. <a href="">The Supreme Court ruled 5-4</a> Friday that states cannot ban same-sex marriage, handing gay rights advocates their biggest victory yet. See photos from states that approved same-sex marriage before the nationwide ruling:


"My Immediate Words in Response to the Supreme Court Ruling Gay Marriage the Law of the Land"

GAY MARRIAGE HAS PREVAILED--Oh my God. At last, in my lifetime I'm proud to say (and much sooner than I'd ever thought!) JUSTICE, TRUE MAGNIFICENT JUSTICE, has come triumphing down for Gay and Lesbian Americans everywhere!!! Our earnest, impassioned voices, for so long enfeebled and silenced and dismissed, have been heard and honored--WE HAVE THE FREEDOM TO MARRY IN THIS GREAT LAND WE CALL HOME!! Yes, it has happened, a day many, many oppressed ancestors of our past never could've foreseen. But at last it has indeed occurred: JUSTICE WINS, and the American flag proudly swings today with the message soaring that love has no gender, and that we are all made of flesh and blood, indifferent really, and that discrimination IS NOT the American way. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

It seems like it was just mere days ago that I was jumping up and down happy, riding on a brutual adrenaline rush even, as I realized that a whole ten states had ratified Gay Marriage. "We're in the double-digits now!!" I went around excitedly mentioning whenever the topic was the heart of discussion among my peers or certain members of my family. And in reality this really wasn't much too long ago; it has in fact just been the moderate-size slab-on cornerstone of a short couple years (sparkling fresh in battery life liveliness as they were, of course though, resulantly prolonging and impressing in their effect) in which much, much thrust and rapid happening then greatly sped to transform the grand-scheme of color that broadens the map of the land indefinitely: one, two, three, four--following years and years of American voters uniformly voting staunchly in favor of bills and legislation stifling or discounting completely the legal possibility of gay marriage in every state, suddenly it's mid-term elections and select states have gay marriage on the ballot and vote, amazingly, all in FAVOR of allowing same-sex marriage unions in their states!!! But see by that time, I remember because I was watching the post-election results come in play-by-play that night, there was not much register of surprise in me when these positive closings were read off and discussed on the air; for, in but a short period of time following the sensational historic presidential cycle of 2008, in which Barack Obama was elected president, there seemed vastly increasing a phenomenal wave of greater willingness for understanding, tolerance, and slowly but surely, even acceptance for gay and lesbian people in America.

Interestingly, 2008 itself, a rather many of us will remember, quite oppositely was a high peak-year in terms of manifesting surges of homophobia in the public societal domain, fire-flames and uproar from monstrous homophobic and anti-gay coalitions having overwhelmed warm bodies virtually everywhere nationwide. What a relief that's all long gone down the river by now (and did so relatively quickly too, fair to say)--so much hate and ignorance and antigay propaganda were crawling their way upwards and into vivid life then, anytime, and everywhere you seemed to look. Yeah....definitely whoo! that those days are over, my friends. I can still sit here after all this time and perfectly re-envision those "Protect the Children!" signs everywhere during the 2008 election here in Florida when the "Marriage Protection" amendment was on the ballot (and, unfortunately, was passed, by a tiny but significant 4% overage)! Dear God...But no matter, sing 'Ding-dong, the witch is dead!', as it's pulverized to something more pitiful than nonexistent now. Yep, finally no such legal leeways matter anymore; no more stagnating for years back-and-forth in circular legal logic, no more praying for patience as we see on TV these great machines of prejudice and antigay discrimination amounting another in their significant political number, no more having to teeter in wonder of how long, how great, how impactive in time it would be, if ever that is, before we at last are awarded the right to marry that we should have rightfully received by default, as so justly deserved! No, because on this very incredible, and never-to-be-forgotten monumental day--the exact date of June the twenty-sixth in the year 2015 precise--our Supreme Court Justices have made their all-effectual ruling: by a defined 5-4 margin, our Justices have officially ruled in favor of marriage equality for all, ANYWHERE, ANYONE, ANYTIME, so long as it resides upon United States soil. And you know what the best part about it all is??!!

There's not a damn thing a homophobe anywhere can do about it. Gawd, I'm loving imagining the millions of pathetic, now homophobic burnouts everywhere widely across America right now, mourning and despairing and going batshit crazy over this! Jesus has failed them, they'll have to suppose is the doom cast onto them, I'm going to hazard a guess. Because there's nothing any esteem of their potential efforts can do, hence; gay marriage is now landed like an extraordinarily overpowering foreign spaceship fresh upon US soil, and to dare waste an effort trying to stop it is to ask to be the very one who'll inevitably fade in the passing of most tedious dust.....OH YES, JUSTICE HAS WON!!!



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