Friday, October 5, 2012

Why I will be voting for President Obama on November 6th...

"A succinct list of Compelling Reasons to Reelect the President"
President Obama signing the all-monumental Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, his very first bill in office notably, in the name of women's rights



         An unapologetic conservative friend of mine asked me via Facebook why it is that I want President Obama to win in November. Inspired by that and the fact that I'm having issues sleeping more than four hours tonight (:P), I guess I'll just elaborate a bit on here :):

    First of all, I think he has made tremendous progress when it comes to social issues, particularly the rights of women (and no, I'm not just talking about him being Pro-Choice :P) and gays. The very first bill he signed, in fact, was the Lily Ledbetter Act, which effectively helped greatly in the fight against unequal pay. (Women on average, as of 2008, were making 77 cents to men's dollar :(.) In major addition, he quickly established women's rights as a pivotal duty expected of his entire cabinet! It is to be highly admired that President Obama is continuously fighting for gender equality in America, regardless of one's own party affiliation (or lack thereof). Consecutively, as far as gay rights go - which by pure nature of course is going to be very important to me, and there's nothing wrong with that - he has accomplished so much, most mentionable his ending 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' and his making sure hate crimes against gays be included in the federal hate crimes law. (Gay men, according to the following cited collegial study among COUNTLESS others, are, quite stunningly, five times likelier to be the victims of hate crimes, especially those involving VIOLENCE (source: "Gay Men Face Inordinately High Rates Of Hate-Motivated Violence"), yet they likely only make up between 5-8 % of the overall human population - how disturbing is that?!)

    Moving on, I am a firm proponent of Healthcare reform, yes, of "Obamacare" or whatever you want to call it, especially as a mentally ill patient who has been the victim of EXCESSIVE rip-offs from his insurance company. The new Healthcare reform law provides me many benefits, ranging from my ability to remain on my father's insurance until the age of 26 to guaranteeing that once I'm in the situation where I DO have to leave my father's insurance plan, at very least I'll have a much larger selection of AFFORDABLE Healthcare insurance plans. (To list just one rather illuminating current dilemma I face, my insurance company, BlueShield/Bluecross, will not allow me to purchase a perfectly adequate generic brand of my ADD medicine, effectively forcing me to pay 87 dollars today instead of 20 (or less) for the generic.)

    Thirdly, it is a proven, concretely-substantiated FACT that the economy is at last enjoying steadily increasing, significant improvement (albeit not as speedily as would be ideal, admittedly :P). I, personally speaking, am quite content with the job I have now had and greatly succeeded at for almost a year. (I was originally hired as a seasonal employee ONE WEEK after applying; now, comparatively, my boss verbatim has informed me that I am “the most valuable employee that we [management] have.”) It is to be consciously acknowledged therefore, by the way, that I am CERTAINLY not one of those undesirables who simply wants to live off the government (be it the inexplicable case of Healthcare or otherwise), nor am I a raging, liberal apologist of such people (although I'm pretty sure you already knew that :]).

    All of these reasons which compel me to reelect the incumbent president do NOT, however, suffice to make me complacent about the issues which I disagree with him on not withstanding. For instance, my ever-obvious love and adoration for the Death Penalty and my unfailing opposition against even REMOTE tolerance for illegal immigrants are two perfect examples of me disagreeing with the president. Nonetheless, overall I feel certain — far beyond a reasonable doubt, to speak emphatically (:P) — that President Obama is the candidate which by far has my confident, well-concluded vote this November because, in terms of the “Greater Good,” he has proven his ability to improve and make America successful consistently throughout his almost-finished first term in office; yes indeed, all my zealous study and analysis has left me perfectly assured that the good Obama would do if reelected greatly exceeds that which would result from a Romney/Paul administration :).


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