Friday, August 12, 2011

Statutory Rape



     "Statutory Rape: Desensitized in a Troubled Society"

               Statutory rape is an issue which has become too much of an unsettled "gray" area in an arguably lackadaisical court of public opinion. Face it, though yes, almost nobody would straightforwardly say, "I don't condemn/believe in 'statutory rape'", in a survey of any moderate-size group of individuals you'll likely hear at least one person share some disturbing views on the topic. And it's unacceptable but usually they're casually responded to, entertained equally even; in TRUTH however, it's just unconscionable how unpunished such compassionless words are so often left, especially when the brought-out opinions cling hard onto the railings of a wrongly moralized, considerable leniency train (to speak lightly). They defend, diplomat even for the sex offenders, granting them an egregious amount of leverage, repulsively suggesting sometimes that the age of consent should be FOURTEEN, or that it's somehow okay for a thirteen-year-old to date a twenty-year-old. Unbelievably, however, the commonest, ultimate generalized problem notwithstanding is the far too prevalent perspective that these sex offenders aren't 'really' offenders because the victims were asking for it.  Now, on the contrary any moral person should easily be able to recognize the obvious disgust in a grown adult pursing any kind of romance, sexual or not, with juveniles instead of adults like themselves.

     When I was fifteen/sixteen I had a crush on my history teacher. At the time I was TRUTHFULLY convinced one-hundred percent that I was in love with him. I would've, at that tender time, done anything to be intimate with him. Now as a grown adult I don't think I would have ever been the same if anything had actually happened; adolescents are generally stubborn about their wide range of emotions, particularly when it comes to crushing on others. Poisoned, the maniacally hormonal heart belonging to an under-grown teenager is much more susceptible than grown-ups' to an animal-like drive for impulse. There thus is absolutely no reason for an adult to ever try justifying illegal statutory 'relationships', nor should one ever view it as any bit appropriate to exercise a predatory pattern of attracted doodling with pubescent kids. 

     To be more specific, why on earth would an adult have a sexual urge to meddle with preteens and/or teenagers to begin with?! After all, such children are experiencing the beginning, most sexually vulnerable stages of their life! The intent behind these predators' actions is deplorable. Again, you see, we are inevitably returned to the question of why some adults would be ever prone to "falling" for  juveniles: in sum after all, adolescents, premature adulthood life, are underdeveloped physically, mentally, and sexually; moreover defined, teenage life is a ragingly hormonal, mentally-yet-stabled, constantly manic transition between childhood and adulthood. They're the inexplicable makeup to the complexest, frightfully vulnerable stage of human nature preliminary of adulthood...So one cannot stress enough the question, why do some adults have problems with lust resistances when it comes to juveniles?!  

     And seriously, let's not ever forget to go back and ask the plain-and-simple question which, if answered, would potentially clear-up the most mystifying tenant of all here: 'conflict essence'! Why would an older adult (especially a teacher, who knows better than most the lasting harm that will be caused) care to meddle romantically with teenagers, or in more sickening cases, preteens, in the very first place anyway?! At their completely tender rite of age, teenagers, it's quite mentionable to say,  should be highly unlikely to have much of anything to share in common. (Of course many of these twisted, sick pervs are psychologically immature to the extreme, though, which is a sure factor in the overall spectrum of things no doubt.) All in all notwithstanding, at the end of the day these statutory sex predators cannot justify their longing to be sexual with underage children, adolescent or not, in any way whatsoever. There's just no excuse, and certainly no viable reason for such behaviors. We as a society need to revitalize our stance of disapproval for these sex offenders, and see to it that we are firmer in taking measures to prevent statutory rape from happening everywhere from our homes, school, outside world... 


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